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Miles has an almost pathological faith in his infallability, so he ignores what is in plain sight. He will not listen to experts and terminates anyone who disagrees with him. Several principals told him their schools had no power and no air- conditioning after last week’s tornado.  His response was “Yes, you do,”

Sometimes, it is hard to anticipate a bad weather event. Not this time. Miles should have delayed reopening schools like other impacted school districts did. Miles and his staff even forced principals to open schools that had no functioning air conditioning even after principals expressed grave concerns. 

Miles is not capable of managing a large school district.  His board of managers, like feudal vassals, continue to defend him. Read what parents are saying on our CVPE FB group. To communicate your concerns to Miles, you can-

  1. Email the board of managers 
  2. Email HISD high level staff .
  3. Host a protest on your campus. Here’s a one pager to help you!

Should we trust Mike Miles to be kind to students whose questions he has not personally scripted? Superintendent Mike Miles will take questions from four HISD students tonight at the Hobby Center. Can you come to protect these four brave seniors! Email [email protected] if you need a free ticket. 


It is not just the tornado response that Miles is getting wrong. He takes no responsibility for financial woes either.

The Houston Landing reported on Friday that “Miles argued the deep cuts are necessary because the district is headed toward a “fiscal cliff” created by years of enrollment declines and HISD’s recent use of pandemic stimulus funds to prop up its budget.”

Last summer, Miles and board of managers stated that HISD had too much in reserves -$1 Billion- and that the money should have been spent on the kids rather than saved

The reserves were there to prepare for the fiscal cliff coming from the triple whammy of-

  1. Projected $326 Million in recapture payments 
  2. The end of COVID ESSER dollars
  3. Reduction in property tax revenue due to the 2019 Republican-led property tax caps, Special Session II caps, and the increase in the homestead exemption.

Since HISD had lower revenue, HISD's projected recapture payment decreased from $326 Million to about $42 Million - $285M less in recapture payments. The March budget amendment shows about $264M less in local property tax revenue. Subtract the lower revenue from the recapture savings ($284M-$264M Miles came out with a secret cache with about $20 M to play around with.

What did Miles do with his secret $20 Million stash? He tripled the number of people earning more than $200k, bought spin bikes for 85 schools that no one used, hosted a $1/2 Million musical about himself, spent close to million on matching furniture for Central Office and designed an unsustainable NES system.

Miles needs to be investigated.

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