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A year or two ago, CVPE published a graphic that said children sleeping three to a mattress in a house with no lights don’t need more STAAR testing, they need another mattress.

On Monday, one of Mike Miles' slides stated that "76% of the Wraparound Specialists were assigned to the 200 campuses with the least need." 

Let’s deconstruct that. 

Of HISD's 274 schools, 183 have student populations where 90% or more qualify for free or reduced lunch. 

Of the 200 supposedly least-need campuses that Miles speaks about 

  • 109 were 90% or more qualify for free or reduced lunch, 
  • 19 were more than 80% qualify
  • 12 were more than 70% qualify

Does it sound reasonable for the remaining 48 Wraparound Specialists to serve 214 high-need campuses (>70% free or reduced lunch), some with thousands of students? 

Gutting wraparound services is wrong no matter how his propaganda mission spins it. 

Below are profiles of three hardworking wraparound specialists whose positions were eliminated.

A wraparound specialist whose contract was terminated is a certified community health worker. He built relationships with students and teachers to help identify needs, provided food for students living in hotels, obtained metro cards for families who lacked transportation, and helped families find needed dental, vision, and other health care. When family vehicles needed repair, he helped find solutions so children could attend school and much more.

A high school wraparound specialist worked with hundreds of mostly non-English speaking newcomers (five new enrollees per day) who did not speak English. Many are immigrants from Afghanistan, so the teenage girls have never before attended school. They lack the English skills to enter their actual grade level, so are placed in the freshman class regardless of their age. School is not required in their home country, so the importance of attendance must be taught. These students face many, many challenges, and there is a high suicide rate among these teens.

Another wraparound specialist whose contract was terminated went on 500 home visits this year; helped furnish a new home after a fire and sent home food for students without power. She helped college-bound students get required vaccines, served as a trusted adult for many students, found free prom dresses & suits for 50 students, and took them to select the clothing. She recently arranged a catered breakfast celebration for student volunteer leaders, wrote recommendation letters, implemented a financial intern/mentor program at local banks and much more.

Another wraparound specialist whose contract was also terminated has a Masters in Social Work. He provided food to families in need, school uniforms, shoes, and school supplies. He helped create and coach several sports teams at the YMCA, and gathered furniture and clothing for 12 school families who lost their homes in a fire. He helped families find legal aid, birth certificates, and family shelters for domestic violence situations. He worked closely with local businesses, HPD, and other community partners, and much more.

If you cannot make the board meeting tonight, email Miles and the appointed board. Tell them to vote against the budget.

Fire Mike Miles. He is literally kicking children to the curb.

Ruth Kravetz


teacher, parent, progressive, committed to public education equity and adequacy