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What price are HISD children and families paying for Superintendent Miles and Chief Sandi Massey to “
fail forward”? 

Miles’ failing forward is failing our children. 

Will you speak at HISD’s board meeting on Thursday at 5pm? Register online (instructions here) by Wed noon. It may be easier to print this hard copy registration form; fill it in, choose hearing of the community or an agenda item and sign it. Send a pdf or picture(s) to [email protected] by noon Wednesday. For help signing up, join CVPE at 8 pm tonight. RSVP for Zoom link at houstoncvpe.org/events

What does failing forward look like to Miles this month?

In the middle of an Arctic freeze, Miles remains so obsessed with testing that he required principals to rush to schools today to set up classrooms for middle of the year MAP testing tomorrow. Checking the pipes for leaks seems to be an afterthought. Say no to Miles’ unrelenting focus on high-stakes testing by opting out of MAP testing. Texas Education Code allows you to legally opt out of assessments like MAP and STAAR but not classroom tests.

Last week, Miles told his cabinet that he would be outsourcing all operations within the next six months. Wanda Paul, the chief operating officer, also resigned last week. Miles wants to outsource custodians, air-conditioning & heating, busing, maintenance, facilities, food service, etc. Besides being a logistical nightmare in our large takeover of no checks and balances school district, privatizing leads to lower quality of service and less oversight all at a higher price. Is this the kind of failing forward Miles means? Tell him no!

It takes no courage at all for Miles to put his own needs and priorities above the needs of students. Miles’ failing forward is failing our children Register to speak about what matters most to you by Wednesday noon. Online (here) or use the hard copy registration form to [email protected].

PS: Remember, there is only one board meeting per month now that Miles canceled the monthly public agenda review meeting. He and Abbott make a pretty team, chipping away at our democracy, piece by piece.



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