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No one can trust Miles. That endangers our kids. Once a leader loses trust, he can’t be effective (and should resign.)

Miles via HISD Communications is presenting a false and slanderous narrative by stating there was “inappropriate behavior involving children and adults” at Eastwood and that there is a "law enforcement investigation."


  1. HISD Investigation lasted less than a day. There is no inappropriate situation. The adult student involved confirms there was no "inappropriate behavior."
  2. There was absolutely no HPD nor a CPS investigation.
  3. The principal, assistant principal, counselor, librarian, and teacher (possibly 2 more) were terminated for no reason- one for "using the word mentor."
  4. Miles is promoting wild-eyed conspiracy theories to discredit hardworking teachers and students. Shame on him!

This year Miles has fired/ re-assigned teachers and principals for missing a couple of days of work; for asking about children's welfare at a faculty meeting; for students having phones out at lunch; and for trying to ensure students have meaningful instruction, etc.

Miles has to go. We also must repeal the laws that got us into this mess and get rid of the A-F rating system used to takeover school districts. Children need properly funded and well-supported schools.

Stand up. Fight back. 

Speak at the board meeting next week. Attend the Nov 4th CVPE meeting. More on houstoncvpe.org/events

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