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Commissioner Morath has only found time to talk to business leaders and the Chronicle Editorial Board about the takeover. Read the editorial and some takeaways below.

TONIGHT & TOMORROW: TEA's sham "community" meetings. Bring signs (in your purse). Ask questions. Express your displeasure. Tell the people around you to sign the petition. Here are some facts from which to draw your questions.

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The Chronicle Editorial is here. Morath is selling snake oil.  Listen to the transcript

One of the first questions in the transcript of the interview with Morath is “What resources will D and F schools get that they don’t have access to now?” The answer is vague, meandering and absolutely doesn’t even go near to providing more resources for schools. It ends with an anecdote about an elementary school that has not had an acceptable performance since 2011.  Falkenberg asks him to identify that school and his reply is “I’ll let you research that.” Does this school exist? Did he make it up?

After 17 minutes, Editorial Board member Lisa Falkenberg asks again, “Do you have access to any more resources?”  He answers, “There’s not specifically a set aside of funding from the state or the federal government related to Board of Managers placements." When Morath says he wants to free teachers up to teach across the district, you might think it means more teachers, more support staff and small class sizes. That can’t happen without more money which the Governor is not providing. 

After about 40 minutes Falkenberg asks Morath, have you decided on the superintendent yet and he says, somewhat evasively, “We’ve not made a final decision yet.  You’ll know when I make final decision, I’ll get it to you in writing, but we’re getting closer.” When she specifically asks about Mike Miles he does not answer that at all.

What is he waiting for before he lets us know anything of substance? June 1st? 

Takeovers fail.



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