Opt Out 101- How to Say No to STAAR

COVID cases are spiking again, but the TEA Commissioner is pushing parents to take the first round of STAAR next week! Read below for Opt Out 101


✏️ Opt Out 101

✏ WILL YOU FILL OUT THIS CONFIDENTIAL OPT-OUT PETITION at bit.ly/optouttexas to stand up to Morath?

NO NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCES: STAAR will not be used for grades 3-8 promotion, teacher evaluation or school accountability this year. And if you do not take STAAR, they cannot make you go to summer school.

In high school,  while five STAAR assessments are still required for graduation, you have options if you opt out this year. Your child can take the STAAR in Dec or May next year;  or use substitute assessments, their spring 2020 COVID STAAR waiver and/or the individual graduation committee to meet their high school graduation requirements. [More details about high school opt out here]

Your child does not have to take the STAAR this year. Children are more than a test score. Your safety during COVID matters and the data won't be valid, reliable or useful. More information here at optouttexas.org

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