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This year, according to TEA and HISD,  there are NO penalties for students who miss the STAAR Math test on April 20 (Grade 5, 8) or April 21 (Grades 3,4,6 & 7). This year only the STAAR Math Test is/has

  • CANNOT be used for promotion in grades 3-8
  • NO required summer school for missing or failing the STAAR math test or any STAAR
  • NO re-test dates (possible make up dates--see steps below)
  • NOT be used to evaluate your child's school by the state
  • NOT used for the Vanguard applications. Magnet coordinators have been told by HISD to use alternative scores like the Iowa Test for all magnet applications missing STAAR.

CVPE offers creative instruction for your children to learn on days you opt out
Apr 20-22 and Apr 23 if needed

WHERE: 1318 W 26thin the Heights (Live Oak Friends Meeting House, in the "Little House")
WHEN: April 20-22, 7:30am-3:15pm
WHAT: Fun, purposeful learning. Creative writing and art, inquiry-based math and science, civics, etc. 
WHO: Your children will be taught by certified teachers. Read their bios here.
RSVP here  or contact [email protected] 
WHAT TO BRING: Snack, lunch &  permission/media release forms (permission required, media release optional)


  • April 20 (Monday): STAAR Math -Grade 5, 8 - NO re-test dates (possible make up dates--see steps below)
  • April 21 (Tuesday): STAAR Math- Grades 3,4,6 & 7 & Gr 8 Social Studies: NO re-test dates for math (possible make up dates--see steps below)
  • April 22 (Wednesday): STAAR Reading- ( Grades 3, 4, 6, 7) and STAAR Science (Gr 5, 8)-if you are in HISD there is a retest date in May 
  • April 23 (Thursday): Make up day for missed tests 
  • April 24 (Friday): Regular day for most schools with some schools having make up exams until noon


  1. If you are opting out, let us know. Fill in the sign up form here
  2. Tell your school’s principal or simply keep your child home on the day of the STAAR math test.
  3. April 20: Grades 5 & 8. Opt out and bring your child to 1318 W 26th. (If your child is in Grades 3, 4, 6, or 7 this is a regular school day.)
  4. April 21: Grades 3, 4, 6, and 7. Opt out and bring your child to 1318 W 26th. Also Gr 8: Social Studies. Gr 5 Math-possible make up day
  5. April 22: Take the STAAR Reading or Science Test or opt out and bring your child to 1318 W 26th.
  6. April 23: Make-up testing day. Some school districts are not doing make up days for math.
  7. April 24: Regular day for most schools with some schools having make up exams until noon. 

Forms and STEPS for Opting out of Gr 3-8 STAAR TEST in ANY SUBJECT

High School STAAR: You cannot opt out. 

  • The STAAR is a graduation requirement. Texas is one of only 3 states that allow a high school STAAR score to keep a student from receiving a diploma without appeal. 
  • SB 149 by Sen. Kel Seliger could change that. Email your state legislators. 
  • Contact Information for Texas Gov, State Reps, State Senators here

Who else is opting out?

  • In NY last spring, more than 60,000 students opted out of one or more tests and estimates for April 2015 are as high as 300,000.
  • In Nov 2014, 17% of Colorado seniors boycotted the new state tests.
  • In March 2015, 39% of Montpelier NJ school district & 50-80% of students in NY districts opted out
  • IN 2014 parents in at least 30 districts in Texas (including one in HISD) opted out of STAAR tests

Send a message to lawmakers and school districts that children are not mere numbers. Children deserve a rich curriculum, not a test-prep curriculum. Email them. Call them. Opt out. The great democratic institution called public education is worth it.

Boycott the STAAR test. Keep your children out of school on the day of the STAAR Math test. Parents have the power to end this testing frenzy.

Read reasons to opt out here