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Miles is razor-sharp focused on spin and propaganda. How else can one reconcile his statement that the overwhelming majority of parents, teachers and students love the takeover.

Parents at Bell and Benavides would disagree. Young children are wetting themselves because they are not allowed to use the restroom during instruction per Miles.

Parents at Crockett would disagree. “There’s not many schools (like Crockett) where children are taking percussion multiple times a week, and they have orchestra options and dance. But now, many families are on edge because Miles is forcing the school to be NES next year.

Durham parents would disagree. Last week, HISD Central Office administrators came to Durham, removed classroom libraries, motivational posters, student work and birthday signs from classrooms. They also rearranged furniture to their liking, disrupting instruction in the middle of the day with advance notice for students or adults.

Parents at Sharpstown would disagree“An audio recording is circulating of Sharpstown principal Thomas “T.J.” Cotter absolutely screaming at a select group of students about uniforms. Miss the assigned detention and if they return without a parent, they might be arrested for trespassing, he threatens.

What a message to deliver to students, many of whom are refugees and immigrants from Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, most of whom do their best to follow rules.”

At a board workshop on February 1st, HISD Board of Managers admitted to violating the TX Open Meetings Act.  At first, “the Board of Managers pledged themselves to an adherence to  transparency and the Public Open Meetings Act. The latter hit a bump later in the meeting, however, when different board members talked fondly about meeting in threesomes “pods” in early days to discuss what was on the upcoming agenda and wouldn't that be nice to resume."

"Except that's a violation of the open meetings law as Board attorney Catosha Woods promptly told them.  All discussions of matters on the agenda should be done as a group in open meetings, she said.” Watch their comments here.

Parents everywhere are concerned. 

  • Parents are concerned about the learning environment for their children being lockstep and sterile. 
  • Parents are concerned that their children no longer want to go to school. 
  • Parents are concerned that there will be a mass exodus of teachers at the end of the year. 
  • Parents are concerned that the unelected board of managers are not accountable to anyone.
  • Parents are concerned that Miles is lying to the public when he says he will have a significant fund balance when every other school district in the state is dealing with serious budget shortfalls.
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