Read what parents and the media are saying about Opt Out. 
Attend the CVPE meeting this Saturday , 12:30-2pm. Be the change you want to see in the world.

"Our communities need to be invested in, rather than cherry picked from. Students need a curricula that reflect their community and their struggles. STAAR is not the answer for our communities. STAAR is not culturally sensitive. STAAR will not understand the financial barriers you face. STAAR will not understand the budget cuts at your school or the lack of infrastructure or unemployment rates your community faces. STAAR will say to you-deal with it. PASS or FAIL. That is why we are here today to tell the district that STAAR does not speak for me, and I am exercising my right as a parent/student and OPTING OUT NOW!" -- 

"Outside of a science project earlier this year, Ava never has science or social studies homework. Those aren’t tested subjects, so their importance isn’t reinforced...The only way this changes, is if we refuse to be complicit with a system that is destroying our children’s love of learning." Samuel Brower (HISD parent writing in the Houston Chronicle)

"Houston ISD's obsession and over-reliance on standardized tests is destroying public education by narrowing the curriculum, replacing real learning with drilling, diverting millions of dollars from schools to test companies and using test scores to justify the removal of entire faculties -- or worse, the shuttering of neighborhood schools. But parents are striking back! Students are striking back! Teachers are striking back! Our community is striking back! It is our moral obligation to take back our schools and recognize the right of parents to opt-out of high-stakes testings. So tonight, stand with us as we take back our schools and lift your voices in solidarity."  Daniel Santos, teacher (Listen to this Opt Out Rally Speech here)

Media Coverage and Parent Voices
  1. Change your social media profile picture to the Opt Out Meme. Find the meme on our CVPE FB Page.
  2. Talk to parents and kids in your family/friend circle about the test and what school is like on testing days.
  3. Read:
  4. Opt your children out of the next round of tests. Read more at JOIN at
  5. Write to your school board members and state elected officials about how high stakes testing is harming our children, our teachers, our schools and our future.
  6. Attend the CVPE meeting this Saturday and join a movement to reclaim the power and the promise of our most treasured democratic institution-public education.
CVPE MEETING: THIS Saturday, April 2, from 12:30-2pm at Resurrection Community Church at 2025 W. 11th in The Heights.


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