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Superintendent F Mike Miles plans to terminate award-winning, beloved teachers this Thursday! Miles is trying to re-assign and terminate veteran teachers of the year and rising stars in an effort to purge our schools of strong teacher leaders. Terry Grier tried the same thing ten years ago under Apollo. It was wrong then and it is wrong now!

Can you speak/attend the Thursday HISD Board meeting at 5 pm? 

To speak, sign up here by noon on Wednesday. Use the agenda item called “approval of minutes from previous meetings” as a catch-all if you are not sure what to sign up for. If this is your first time signing up, join a short zoom call tonight from 8-8:30 pm or click here for step by step instructions. 

When we respect and value teachers, we improve the culture of learning for kids. “To matter, people must feel valued — heard, appreciated and cared for — and they must feel like they add value in ways that make them feel capable, important and trusted, said Isaac Prilleltensky, a professor at the University of Miami.”

When Miles says “Anyone can teach if they just read this script”, he might as well be saying “You don’t matter.”

Every day, children in 87 HISD schools (as well as many non NES schools), must take a timed 10-minute test over material they haven't had time to learn and then repeat the same boring lesson cycle the next day. No field trips, no manipulatives, and no engaging lessons allowed. Miles forces teachers to use lock-step, thrown-together, and developmentally inappropriate powerpoints and worksheets made by chat- gpt. There are no accommodations for children with learning differences, a violation of federal law, and the top-heavy HISD leadership team punishes teachers who try to build curiosity and wonder into their lessons.

Miles needs to read the research that curiosity supercharges people’s memory.  Our children do not thrive on mind-numbingly dull lessons like the ones Miles is peddling.

Kids learn best in welcoming spaces. Will you stand up for our children and teachers? Sign up to speak by noon on Wednesday .



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