The takeover of HISD is imminent. If the Governor and Commissioner take over HISD and disenfranchise Houston voters, no school district in Texas is safe.

Have you signed the petition opposing state takeover?  

Can you ask every Texas parent you know to oppose the takeover of HISD.

  1. Sign the petition opposing the state takeover of HISD.

  2. Email or call Governor Abbott and the Texas Education Agency Commissioner Mike Morath and let them know you oppose this takeover.

On other matters, Rep. Harold Dutton is no longer the chair of the Texas House Public Education Committee. The new chair is Rep. Brad BuckleyWhile the new chair has some values about which we are adamantly opposed (anti-immigrant, etc.), he is a rural Republican who is anti-voucher and whose wife is a Kileen ISD educator.

The committee's vice-chair is Rep. Alma Allen (D), who is a public education ally and represents parts of Houston.The other members of the committee are representatives Steve Allison (R), Charles Cunningham (R), Harold Dutton (D), Cody Harris (R), Brian Harrison (R), Cole Hefner (R), Gina Hiojosa (D), Ken King (R), Oscar Longoria (D), Matt Schaefer (R), and James Talarico (D).

Let them know you oppose the takeover. Let them know you support tying educational funding to inflation and let them know you support enrollment based funding and that the over-reliance on standardized testing is harming Texas schoolchildren

Sign the petition against takeover today.



Working Together to Strengthen Houston's Public School System