Demand that the board discontinue the District of Innovation process at the HISD Public Hearing on Thursday May 28 at 5 pm. The chart at the bottom shows where we are in the process.

Sign up to speak here by 9:30 am on Thursday.  

These DOI conversations are taking precious time away from facing Coronavirus. DOI is unnecessary and unconnected to the problems laid bare by Coronavirus. There are already policies for the exemptions HISD is seeking. Furthermore, DOI is no longer the only path for an earlier start due to the recent TEA proposal to vary school start times. 

The District of Innovation status is anything BUT innovative. If adopted, DOI exemptions (as well as state takeover) can be used to abolish class size limits, teacher contracts, due process rights of parents, teachers and students and much moreIt is time for our School Board to stop the DOI process and to focus on the real work of serving our students and families in the face of Corona.

Sign up to speak 
at by 9:30 am on Thursday.   
On the agenda item question, type DOI. At the time you “sign up” to speak, you must also include a cell phone number (for the video link) and your written comments on the sign up form (up to 300 words.) Assume your time will be cut and limit your remarks to less than 200 words.
At 5 pm or near to that time, someone from HISD will call you and put you in the Zoom virtual waiting room. If everything works out, you will get to read your own comments when they add you to the Zoom virtual public hearing. If not, someone will read your comments. HISD Board meetings are streamed live at
To read the public notice, go to HISD Special Meetings and scroll down to the May 28 meeting notice. This is what they are calling a “Public Hearing."




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