Turning libraries into Zoom Discipline Centers is unconscionable! Miles is targeting 28 NES schools in communities already under-resourced in so many ways. 

  • TONIGHT, 8/3, attend the HISD Board Agenda Review meeting at 5:30 pm. There has never been a board agenda worse for teachers, families and democracy than this one
  • Missed the Tue and Wed community meetings? Watch the videos here. F Mike Miles and the unelected and unaccountable takeover board of managers continue to make disparaging and gaslighting responses to legitimate questions from parents and teachers.

Miles has drawn up new policies that facilitate graft and corruption. If his new policies are approved, it will make it easier to hire anyone off the street as a teacher and the superintendent will have sole authority to make contracts up to $2M without board approval and without the public ever hearing about the contract.  Along with his decision to turn libraries into Zoom discipline removal rooms, how can this be good for Houston families and teachers or for democracy? Read more about Miles dismantling public safeguards here.

The board will meet tonight and will "vote" next Thursday at the Board meeting. The deadline to sign up to speak is the Wed before the meeting by noon.

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