The conference will be held at Resurrection Church, 2025 W 11th from 8:30 am-3:00 pm. Interpreters available.

8:30 am: Registration and continental breakfast
9:00 am: Welcome and keynote
10 am -2 pm: Three workshops and lunch
2 pm: Closing and call to action 

Vivian Anderson, founder of EveryBlackGirl,  will be delivering the keynote address, “Responding Responsibly to the Rupture in Public Education”  to help ground us.

You can choose three workshops from a total 12 options which include-

  • Texas School Finance: Understanding HB 3 and 87th Legislative Session (Chandra Villanueva)
  • The expanding role of the Commissioner of Education and TEA in public education (Patti Quinzi)
  • Telling your story when advocating for change (PK McCary)
  • Common disinformation about CRT and what you can do  (Dr. Fran Huckaby)
  • Don't Say Gay: Hidden Impacts of Parents Bill of Rights (Whitney Roach)
  • False Narratives about Charters Schools- Setting the Record Straight (Patti Everitt)
  • Dismantling our Limiting Beliefs (Vivian Anderson)
  • School Access to Books and how school libraries support student learning (Debbie Hall)
  • Blooming Ethnic Studies in Hostile Times (Ethnic Studies Network of Texas, ESNTX)
  • School Board Advocacy (Anne Sung and Elizabeth Santos)
  • Know Your Rights: Opt-Out and HB 4545 (Ruth Kravetz)
  • Student Activism (Agustin Herrera)