The Texas Education Agency Commissioner announced its takeover of Houston ISD this morning at 10 am. His "staging" of his announcement is an assault on every parent, every teacher, and every student who believes in democracy, fairness, and respect. 

Since 2015, HISD reduced its number of low-performing schools from 58 to nine, Wheatley teachers and students brought their rating up to a C this year, and the voters elected a new board.

Shouldn’t the commissioner be congratulating the district for a successful turnaround instead of punishing parents, teachers and students who worked so hard to make this happen? Commissioner, we are confused. This is a success story. 

The takeover of the largest school district in Texas is a politically motivated, irresponsible experiment that will worsen inequities and disenfranchise Houston voters. Takeovers have failed around the country and will cause skyrocketing teacher turnover, more school closures in Black and Brown neighborhoods, profit-seeking charter expansion that purposefully under-enroll students with disabilities to inflate their accountability ratings, and endless STAAR prep.

Last night, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) posted (and later took down) the board of managers selection process in which legislators and community will be able to provide "feedback" in this anti-democratic process. Don't be hoodwinked. The commissioner and governor want us to fight each other over scraps, while creating an illusion of legitimacy for the sham board of managers as they butcher democracy and play dice with our children.

Join 3000 parents and teachers who have already signed this petition at to oppose the state takeover and fight this takeover at every turn. Share with friends and family. The Houston Chronicle is asking for your thoughts on this poll.

Stand up for Houston schoolchildren. 



Working Together to Strengthen Houston's Public School System