When March 30, 2023 at 6:30pm 1 hr

Come to one of the four TEA Takeover "Community Meetings" to express your outrage that the state is trying to take over HISD. Help stop this takeover. The TEA commissioner is holding these community meetings to create an illusion of legitimacy for the sham board of managers as they butcher democracy and play dice with our children. 

At these meetings, they will say that you should apply to the board of managers to help the children. Don't do it. They have a plan to dismantle our schools and want to use you as a puppet to legitimize this hostile takeover.

The takeover of the largest school district in Texas is a politically motivated, irresponsible experiment that will worsen inequities and disenfranchise Houston voters. Takeovers have failed around the country and will cause skyrocketing teacher turnover, more school closures in Black and Brown neighborhoods, profit-seeking charter expansion that purposefully under-enroll students with disabilities to inflate their accountability ratings, and endless STAAR prep.

Tuesday, March 21: Westbury HS

Wednesday, March 22: Chavez HS

Wednesday, March 29 Hattie Mae White 4400 W. 18th Street

Thursday, March 30 Kashmere HS

Sign the petition on our homepage at https://www.houstoncvpe.org/ and push back. 

Will you come?