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Let’s help elect candidates who stand up for strong public schools and oppose privatization. We must continue to organize in our communities. We must fight for our legal rights in court and we must change the laws at the state level to help our schoolchildren have the schools they rightly deserve. Together we can.

Can you join our two endorsed candidates this weekend to talk to voters?


SATURDAY, Feb 17th, Day of Action for Lauren Simmons, Democrat for TX District 146. 10 am-4 pm.

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Lauren Simmons is a union organizer and a CVPE mom whose kids attend NES schools. Watch her viral video where she speaks out against the state takeover. The current state rep has sided too often with Governor Abbott by voting to ban books and cut funding to public schools.

SUNDAY, February 18th  Blockwalk for Danny Norris, Democrat for Tx District 142. 2:00-4:30pm

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Danny Norris is a former HCDE School Board Trustee who stands up for public education. He is a lawyer, engineer and former librarian with kids in public school. The current state rep wrote the harmful state takeover bill and handed over our voting rights and our schools to Governor Abbott.

Bring your enthusiasm and comfortable footwear – no prior experience is necessary. Let's make some noise and connect with other fantastic Houstonians!

Let's save our schools, the cornerstone of a thriving democracy!



Working Together to Strengthen Houston's Public School System