[en español clic aquíCan you tell your own story at the next HISD Board meeting on Thursday? Or alternatively, can you be the voice for an oppressed teacher or fearful parent?

Here is how it works. 

If you are telling your own story,  sign up by noon on Wednesday. Click here for step-by-step instructions to sign up to speak. We also have a Tuesday 8 pm zoom training if you want help signing up!

If you want to amplify the voice of a parent or teacher who cannot come to the meeting (or speak on zoom), join the "two-cents club" by filling out this form.

Teachers and parents are uniting together in large numbers. Our voice—our unity— is our power.

Some teachers have been terminated or re-assigned just because they asked a question at a faculty meeting or because they spoke publicly about matters of public concern about the state takeover. Too much is at stake. Teachers, students, and parents cannot be silenced.

We know that it is wrong to turn libraries into Zoom discipline centers. It is wrong to offload a scripted, thrown-together "curriculum" and daily tests in every subject on the backs of young children.  

F Mike Miles is serving up a frozen dinner with freezer burn and calling it gourmet. It is just another lie that Miles is telling us.

Teachers do not teach in an empty room. They teach real-life children. Real-life children have questions. Real-life children include students with disabilities. Real-life children include students who need extensions and deeper meaning, not more worksheets to fill in silently, several times per day each time they pass the daily test. 

Teachers and children are not robots.   

What story do you want to tell at the HISD "Board" meeting this Thursday or next? You can tell your own or tell one on behalf of someone else, a teacher or parent who is unable to speak. We're calling this "The Two-Cents Club" where people can add their proverbial "two cents" at an HISD Board meeting. 

We must be the voice for people who have been silenced and for teachers who are forced to attend unpaid after-school training scheduled every Thursday. It is no coincidence that the superintendent scheduled after-school faculty meetings on Thursdays, the same day as the public board meetings, denying hard-working teachers the right to express their concerns.

Can you be the voice for an oppressed teacher or fearful parent?

 Please fill out this form -

  • If you are unable to speak, but have a story you want to share.
  • If you want to speak at the board meeting (first and second Thursday each month) on behalf of a teacher.

If you want to be part of the team that will be working to help craft short 100-word speeches on Tuesday and Wednesday before a Thursday board meeting, please contact us at [email protected].




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