This weekend is the only Saturday and Sunday to vote. Early voting ends next Friday, Nov 4. Election Day is Nov 8. This election is about the future of public education in Texas like no other. 

Make this bumper sticker your motto! 

In the first three days of early voting, less than 25% of the voters are 18-49 years old and only 5% are under 30!

  • Under 40? Make it to the polls this weekend!

  • Are your students or children eligible to vote? Tell them the voting machine is like an ipad. Enter a race, then swipe right and repeat. Easy peazy. 4 minutes tops plus a short wait in line.

  • Have kids in college? If they filled in a mail-in ballot application, many arrived at college mailboxes this week. Walk through the process with them so their vote counts. If they did not fill in an application to vote by mail, ask them to drive into Houston this weekend if that is possible. 

  • Couldn't make it to the CVPE blockwalk this past week? There are so many ways to help with turnout. Email [email protected] to find out how!




Working Together to Strengthen Houston's Public School System