Today is Election Day! You can vote at any open poll in Harris County from 7 am-7 pm. Go to to find a convenient location. You can also vote at any open poll countywide in Ft Bend and Galveston Counties too. [En español]

Take five friends to the polls with you to vote for Beto, Collier, Palmer, Lina, and Democrats up and down the ballot who will support schoolchildren by fully funding our schools.

State Board of Education: Vote for teachers/policy experts Michelle Palmer (Houston) and Don Hochman (SE TX including Friendswood.) Hochman's opponent is a Jan 6 insurrectionist.

Conroe ISD: There are several MAGA extremists on the ballot. Position 1: Vote for Fehrle (mod Republican) running against mostly MAGA extremists. Position 2: Vote for Sanders (mod R) against MAGA opponent. Position 3: Unfortunately, the only candidate is a MAGA extremist.



Working Together to Strengthen Houston's Public School System