Some thoughts from Houston's FIRST opt out parent, Claudia de Leon, on the difference between tests given a generation ago and today. 

I don't remember children peeing their pants in their seats because they are too afraid to ask to go to the restroom during the standardized test.

I don't remember being threatened with summer school and retention for performance on the standardized test.

I don't remember teachers crying in the hallway because of the evaluation system based on test scores.

I don't remember kids having anxiety for years! Yes, I said years, over the standardized test.

I don't remember missing recess to do test prep.

I don't remember doing test prep in art and music because schools are rated on standardized test scores.

I want the test to be the way it was when I took it.

One can bury their head in the sand and say there is no problem. That's okay. I will not. I will not perpetuate this injustice. I will stand up and I will




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