Happy New Year!

Join us this Friday, Jan 6th, for the Holiday Celebration CVPE postponed due to the freeze. We will meet for good food (BYOB), music, and great company. RSVP at houstoncvpe.org/events for all the details. 

Save the Date: SATURDAY, Jan. 21st: Join CVPE at 1 pm at Trinity Gardens Church of Christ for our next CVPE General Meeting to talk about the critical work moving forward. RSVP at houstoncvpe.org/events.


Together we must work together to ensure that our students have more time for meaningful learning (less standardized testing), more joy and inquiry, small class size, and teachers are fairly paid with their input valued.

In advance of the Texas Legislative session starting this month, below is an excerpt from a funding equity article from Every Texan:

"Nationally, Texas ranks 42nd place in funding per student. The Texas Legislature has never evaluated the actual cost per pupil to educate our children. Let that sink in — our elected officials simply do not know how much it actually costs to educate our kids. Meanwhile, the most powerful state leaders (mostly Republicans) continue to offer wasteful billion-dollar property tax cuts to wealthy corporations...

We are living the consequences of the negligence of key (Republican) elected officials: a statewide teacher shortage. Teachers and staff see no other option than to leave public education altogether because the working conditions are so poor and below the national average. This means our children aren’t receiving the education they deserve."

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