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Fight Hb 1842- School Closures and the Takeover of HISD and other Districts

Demand a 1 year reprieve of all school closures (HB 1842) to help Houston recover after Harvey.

NO TIME TO WASTE. Send emails and postcards today! Postcards: [LINK1] and 4x4 version[LINK2]

Emails, addresses and phone numbers of who to contact at [LINK]

  • Contact TEA Commissioner Mike Morath to demand a reprieve.
  • Contact your state representative, the mayor, the governor, etc.¬† to get them to fight TEA now and to repeal HB 1842 in the next legislative session.
  • Call and email HISD to demand they close no schools.
  • Ask your school district to sue TEA for violating state law
  • Write letters to the editor and op-eds


  • CVPE Meeting Powerpoint on School Closures-Feb 3, 2018 [LINK]
  • HISD proposes major changes for IR campuses [LINK]
  • HISD Agenda Review-Feb 1, 2018 Video [LINK]


Hurricane Harvey cost Houston students weeks of classroom time and many families were displaced from their homes. It is unfair to use STAAR scores to penalize students, teachers and school districts. Houston needs support, not school closures and a state takeover.


Other Goals for 2017-18

Elect CVPE endorsed school board candidates to the HISD School Board


Read about Past Issues (2011-2016) here


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