March 16 Rally against State Takeover

Rally Against State Takeover at the Governor's mansion in Austin on March 16 Read more

The made-up crisis behind the state takeover of Houston’s public schools

Read Domingo Morel's "The made-up crisis behind the state takeover of Houston’s public schools Read more

Houston: The Betrayal of the Public Schools As State Attacks Democracy

Diane Ravitch writes on her blog- The public schools of Houston are going to be taken over by the incompetent State Education Department, which has never run a school district of any size and which has failed in its previous takeover efforts. Read more

Chron Uses Propaganda to Legitimize Takeover

Recently, the Houston Chronicle editorial board used misleading facts and misrepresentation to misinform its readers...    Read more

Interview with Domingo Morel about the Harm of State Takeovers

When states take over school districts, they say it’s about academics. This political scientist says it’s about race and power. Read more

TEA Takeover Meeting at Chavez HS

In times like these, people must unite together and work to improve the conditions in which we live, work, and learn. We must prepare for a protracted battle against those who would takeover our schools, harm our students, use test scores to fire teachers and close neighborhood schools.  Read more

TEA's Report Would Not Hold Up in Traffic Court

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) release of their "final" HISD investigation, less than one week before the election, is a Trumpian attempt to cancel our votes and harm our students. It is outrageous that a commissioner-appointed board has more legitimacy than an ELECTED one.  Read more

Press Conference to Oppose State Takeover Power Grab of HISD

You are invited to a press conference announcing community opposition to the undemocratic state takeover of HISD. Wednesday, Aug 21, at Hattie Mae White, 4400 W 18th St at 4:30 pm.  Read more

TEA Releases "Investigation" of HISD in its takeover coup attempt ahead of scores

The Houston Chronicle published an article on Wednesday and the state will announce preliminary accountability ratings on Thursday, August 15. It is projected that HISD will have an overall B+ rating Read more

Are you going to wait seventeen years before you get your democracy back?

The state may take over HISD based on a state law that dictates that TEA can take over a district if just one school does not meet the flawed STAAR accountability standard. Results will be announced on August 15.  Read more

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