Parents Speak Out and CVPE Meeting this Saturday

Read what parents and the media are saying about Opt Out. Attend the CVPE meeting this Saturday , 12:30-2pm. Be the change you want to see in the world. Read more

Why My Daughter Won't Take STAAR Exams This Year

Read the powerful words of parent and CVPE member Samuel Brower about why his daughter is opting out of the STAAR test this year, as published on the Houston Chronicle's website. You can find it here. 

KPFT 90.1 Reports on CVPE's Opt Out Academy 2016

KPFT Radio FM 90.1 reported on CVPE's Opt Out Academy. Listen to parents and HFT talk about why they are supporting Opt Out here!

Houston Public Media KUHF 88.7 Discusses Growing Opt Out Movement in Houston

Reporter Laura Isensee attended our rally at last month's Houston ISD Board Meeting. She reports on that and the growing opt out movement in Houston here. 

CVPE Calls on the Houston Community to Rally Against PUA Cuts, High-Stakes Testing Culture

Community Voices for Public Education urges parents, teachers and members of the Houston community to take action at tomorrow night's board meeting. Help is needed to stop disastrous per unit allocation (PUA) school funding cuts!    Read more

Fox 26 Covers Houston Opt Out Movement; HISD Admits Parents Have Rights

Fox 26 reporter Andrea Watkins covered the Houston Federation of Teachers' endorsement of parents' right to opt their children out of the STAAR test. Parents from Community Voices for Public Education were present to discuss how they have successfully opted their children out in past school years.  Read more

Keep Budget Cuts Away from Our Kids

On Thursday, the HISD School Board will be voting on one of the most significant across-the-board funding cuts in HISD history. These cuts (called PUA cuts) would affect every student in every school in every zip code in the district. Please email the Board and tell them that cuts should come from central office, not from PUA. These cuts should not hurt our children. Read more

Superintendent Search - Letter to the HISD School Board

To:  HISD Trustees Re: Superintendent Search Criteria The most important responsibilities of the Board of Education are the selection of the superintendent and the development of a contract that holds the superintendent to these criteria, not merely to test scores.  Read more

A Year of Teaching to a High Stakes Test

I spent one year teaching at a Title I HISD school. This is my story. I wish that I could say that this was a rare, freakish situation. It was not. This is going on everywhere. Not always to this degree, but there are at least trace elements of this in every school. And poor kids and the schools that serve them suffer the most. Opt out of STAAR. It's the only way to change this toxic system. Read more

12 Reasons Why Opting Out is the Right Thing to Do

 12 Reasons to Opt Out of the STAAR test this year: 1.) STAAR tests are poorly written and developmentally inappropriate. Try some sample third grade math questions. Read more

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