Weigh on testing!

In an effort to strengthen the voices of those most affected by the culture of standardized testing--students, parents, and teachers--we invite you to respond to our survey on high-stakes testing and to share them with everyone you know. Read more

6 Words: An English Benchmark Test

This week students across HISD are taking long benchmark tests to gauge their readiness for actual TAKS and STAAR testing in April and May. Here are some reflections from high school students after four hours of English benchmark testing. Read more

Pearson estimated to make 1/2 billion dollars on the backs (or Bubbles) of schoolchildren over the next 5 years

Saying high-stakes standardized testing is "strangling our public schools," superintendents of several high-performing North Texas school districts have jointly signed a letter to top state officials and lawmakers warning about the deterioration of the education system. Call it open rebellion against the 25-year-old testing regimen. Wow. Read more

Texas Education Agency Commissioner states that testing has gone too far.

Our children do not need to be guinea pigs for the STAAR exam. The tests were not written by educators, and there are no study guides developed since the state did not allocate any funding for this purpose. There is not even any direction from the state regarding the rule that stipulates that the exam count 15% of a high school students' grade. Are we really asking our children to take a test blind? Read more

On the Effects of Poverty on Education

No Child Left Behind required all schools to bring all students to high levels of achievement but took no note of the challenges that disadvantaged students face. Read more

On HISD Shortchanging Poor Students

HISD reported having 11 schools that don’t receive Title I funds and 252 schools that do. According to the Department of Education, HISD spends 19 percent less per student on its Title I schools. Read more